Our school day is designed to provide our children with general knowledge of Indian culture, Indian languages with emphasis on Hindi, Indian history, geography, religions, festivals, customs, costume, sports, music, dance and arts and some common Hindu prayers. We respect all religious beliefs and welcome members of all faiths.

Class Schedule

(1) Prayer:  We start our day by sitting together in a circle and reciting our school prayers.  Children lead and all members join in.

(2) Greetings: Upon conclusion of our prayers, host family children are expected to say a small story or poem with a moral. This introduces our children to public speaking and encourages them to inculcate moral values.
The host family members also share an anecdote or interesting message with the group.

(3) Announcements: General announcements are made by the principal and anyone else who has a special announcement. We also greet all visitors at this time and facilitate introductions.

(4) Hindi Classes: Around 10:45 AM all teachers and students report to their assigned classroom area for Hindi class. All teachers are parent volunteers assigned to children of different age groups.

(5) Culture Classes: Around 11:30 AM all teachers and students report to their assigned classroom area for the Culture class. Once again, classes are conducted by parent volunteers.

(6) Lunch Set-up: While the classes are going all parents who are not teaching, assist in setting up of tables and chairs for lunch.

(7) Lunch: Around 12:15pm all classes are completed and everyone is requested to join in for the light lunch.

(8) Conclusion: At 1.00 pm school is adjourned and everyone joins in singing the Indian National Anthem.

When extra practice is needed for our annual cultural programs, school starts at 10:00 AM and the entire schedule is moved up by 30 minutes.


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